Thursday, August 23, 2007

More on the Story of Said..

In a story eerily reminiscent of that of the Santos Family, though perhaps even more drastic and disturbing, Morroccan Immigrant, Said Zaim-Sassi was forced from his home in the early morning hours of Monday Morning, and now sits in a jail in Rhode Island awaiting his deportation trial, which will be held in Hartford, CT tomorrow morning. A report from WTNH states:

Wallingford (WTNH) _ A Wallingford family is demanding answers from the government for raiding their house and seizing a man in front of his kids.

Said Zaim-Sassi, a Moroccan immigrant, was doing everything he could to stay in this country legally but he lost his last court battle in January.

He told immigration officials he would surrender whenever they wanted, but instead they raided his home before dawn on Monday. Now relatives are saying that his children have been traumatized for no reason.

You can also watch the video of the story at the same link.

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