Thursday, August 23, 2007

EMERGENCY ALERT! (warning, harsh language)

From People of Faith, CT:

Please Forward to your lists and congregations:


What: Press Conference and Protest on Recent Raids

When: 8:00 am Friday 24 August, 2007

Where: in front of Immigration Court, 450 Main Street, Hartford
Media Contacts: Khalil Iskarous 203-668-2698
Yusuf Zaim-Sassi 203-606-4942
At around 5:00 am on August 20, ICE agents raided the Zaim family home in Wallingford, CT. Yelling "where the f**k is Said? Where the f**k is Said?", agents pushed Said's mother-in-law to the wall. His terrified children woke as ICE shined flashlights in their faces, yelling profanities. They abducted Said in front of his traumatized family. Is he a killer? A rapist? A thief? No, he's a man who has lived for his family and his community. In the 20 years he has lived in the U.S., Said has had absolutely no criminal record and has been completely compliant with immigration requirements. His work and charity have benefited many in his community. ICE has treated him and his family like criminals. His three kids and his wife, all U.S. citizens, don't know when they will see him again. ICE's actions, designed to instill fear in the community, rip families apart.

Community members and activists from throughout Connecticut will be in front of Immigration Court in Hartford on Friday August 24 to demand the release of Said Zaim-Sassi and other innocents like him in detention. We will not allow our neighbors, our friends, and our family to be treated like animals.

Immigrants are workers, not criminals. Stop the Raids.

Sponsored by Unidad Latina en Accion.

Proudly endorsed by People of Faith.


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