Sunday, September 30, 2007

Protest Planned!

Dear Friends and Supporters,

For those of you who do not already know, the City Council in Danbury is meeting this week to discuss whether or not to adopt the segment of the Nationalization and Immigration law called the 287g ACCESS program. If accepted, this program would deputize local police to carry out Federal Immigration duties, including arrests, and raids which would then be carried out into deportations. Immigrants rights supporters in Danbury strenuously oppose this act being implemented, as it would easily create a witchhunt climate here in Danbury which would force the Immigrant Community even further into the shadows, and continue the assault upon Workers, and upon Families of mixed and varied immigration status.

A protest is planned for 10/2 in front of City hall on Deer Hill Avenue in Danbury, at 7:00pm. However, we have reason to be concerned that a recently enacted parade ordinance might interfere with our plan to protest that evening. An ordinance was passed in July that restricts any public gathering to 25 people or less, unless a permit is obtained. While our gathering is intended to be much larger than 25 people, it is a freedom of speech event. That being the case, many of the requirements for the permit do not apply to us (such as liability insurance, a filing fee, etc). However, we can still be denied based on the time constraints we were working under. A Stop the Raids member did apply for a permit on Friday early afternoon, and was told she would receive an answer on Monday. We are currently awaiting that response. If we are denied, and choose to then go foward as planned, we will seek legal council about getting an emergency injunction, and obtain legal observers, however, we could still be subject to fines up to $100.00's, as individuals. And that also means, that certain segments of our community who chose to join us in protest, would be especially at risk. So it is very necessary that you keep an eye on your email, to check for any alerts, or to contact either myself (203)512-3452 or by email, or Jason McGahan (860) 538-3920 or by email at before heading out to the Protest. We are waiting for final word from the permits office, and may seek emergency legal action if we are barred from protesting.

Again, supporters of Immigrants Rights must have a strong presence that evening. IF YOU SUPPORT IMMIGRANTS RIGHTS, THIS IS AN ACTION YOU CANNOT MISS! The effects of this policy in Danbury, would have long reaching effects on immigrant communities, and the towns in which they live. If you are a Danbury Resident, please consider attending the Council Meeting IN Council Chambers to speak your mind on this issue. If you are from a surrounding town, you may also sit in on the meeting, however, only Danbury residents and tax payers are allowed to speak. Any support in the audience, though, for those who will be supporting the Cause of Immigrants on the inside of Council Chambers will be greatly appreciated, and encouraged.

Jean C. Hislop
Stop the Raids, Danbury

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Danbury 11 files suit agains the City of Danbury!

With the help of Yale Law Schools legal Clinic, members of the Danbury 11 are filing a law suit against the City of Danbury for what appears to be Violations of their Civil Rights committed at the time of their arrest on 9/19 of 2006.

Despite Mayor Mark Boughton's assertions that neither he, or the local police had any involvement in the immigration sting which was conducted that day at Kennedy Park in which 11 Ecuadorian Day Laborers were lured into a van by authorities, disguised as contractors, and then arrested on alleged immigration violations, new documents have come to light through an FOI filed by the students at Yale Law, which contradict the Mayor's earlier statements. These documents assert that the Van which was used in the Sting was actually driven by a local police officer, NOT an Ice Agent, amongst other issues, prompting the question "What jurisdiction did a Local Police officer have to make that warrantless arrest?". And if this warrantless arrest was sanctioned and/or encouraged by the towns Mayor, then why did he deny the local police involvement with the sting?

Yale Law Students, today, held a Press Conference where they discussed these questions.

Please view the following news coverage at Hat City Blog for more information.

You can also view video coverage at WTNH channel 8's website

Read the article about it at WVIT

or at the New York Times

And there is sure to be more to come.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Media Coordinator for NumbersUSA studies at the same school as Lou Dobbs.

Apparently, the leaders of NumbersUSA study at the same school of lies that Lou Dobb's graduated from.

In a recent episode of the morning talk show program on KHOW-AM (of Colorado) Talk show host Peter Boyles, and Media Cooridnator for the Anti Immigrant group "NumbersUSA" spun lies and misinformation about the DREAM act.

"Discussing the latest version of the federal DREAM Act on the September 18 broadcast of his 630 KHOW-AM show, Peter Boyles allowed guest Caroline Espinosa -- the media coordinator for the anti-illegal immigration activist group NumbersUSA -- to claim that the legislation would make certain illegal immigrants "instantly non-deportable." Espinosa further falsely claimed that sponsors of the legislation "are not asking anybody to provide proof that they were here ... illegally ... before the age of 16." However, according to Section 3305 (2)(B)(b)(1) of the DREAM Act, the Secretary of Homeland Security "shall terminate the conditional permanent resident status of any alien" who fails to meet the required conditions of their status, including one who "become[s] a public charge" or receives "other than honorable discharge from the uniformed services." In that case, the immigrant's status would revert to illegal, making the immigrant deportable. "- from Colorado Media Matters

While the DREAM act is far from a fair and Comprehensive Immigration Reform Plan, the spin that these two anti immigrants have put upon it, typifies the anti immigrant propaganda campaign. This bears mentioning, because recently the Danbury News Times Comments section has been flooded with spam messages with links to the Numbers USA website, and many a local community member is being misinformed, and misled by such "masters" of political spin as these individuals. Local anti-immigrant groups CTCIC (as demonstrated in its' spring newsletter where NumbersUSA and another well known political spin artist Lou Dobbs are quoted) and USCFILE are big proponants of their brothers from NumbersUSA.

*Note: USCFILE's website is down, but when it is back up, an update to this article with their promotion of NumbersUSA will be added.

*UPDATE: USCFILE's website is back up, and sure enough guess what site they're advertising? USCFILE's Links Page has NumbersUSA as a reccomended site, which again, just goes to prove how far they are willing to go to mislead the public, and even have the NumbersUSA website in the left column links bar, where it reads "Fax your representatives free".

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Said Zaim-Sassi Deported

While the battle of the Danbury 11 continues, Sadly, Morroccon Immigrant Said Zaim-Sassi lost his battle with ICE, on September 6th, New Haven Independent Reports.

Danbury 11 Trial Results.

The trial of the Danbury 11 continues! The fight of activists, lawyers, community members, and faith groups to support the remaining 9 of 11 day laborers illegally arrested at Kennedy Park in September of last year, has made it possible to see that the Danbury 11 are having their story heard, and to have their case continued until October.


How can the Immigrant Community Protect itself?
A Public forum

Saturday, September 22nd 6:00 pm
Basement of Saint Augustine's church
10 Campfield Avenue, Hartford


Maximo Morales
Victim of a warrantless immigration arrest in Hartford

Father Thomas Mitchell
Pastor, St. Augustine's Church. How can we prepare for the next ICE
raid in Hartford before it happens?

Jason McGahan
Stop the Raids - Trinity College. What is the purpose of the raids?
What are immigrants doing around the country to fight back?

Yessica Orbegozo
Educator on immigrants rights in case of raid

What is the context and purpose of immigration raids in Hartford and
across the country? What are immigrants and their allies doing in other
parts of the country to fight back?

Hartford has been key role to the nationwide assault on immigrants by
acting as a testing ground for new police methods such as arresting
immigrants in court buildings, denying their right to appeal and setting
their bond too high to pay. Mayor Perez has welcomed ICE into Hartford,
even referring to one sweep as a positive example of "an ongoing effort
amongst local, state and national authorities." This forum will
include a discussion of how the immigrant community and its allies can
organize effectively against these attacks and win the full legalization for
all that will eliminate the legal basis for the raids.

Sponsored by "Stop the Raids!" - Trinity College
For more information call 860-810-0253

Friday, September 14, 2007

Connecticut State University Newspaper Publishes Racist Cartoon.

In another example of how the immigration debate has caused an increase in the frequency, and openness of racist opinions, Connecticut State University's student newspaper published a vulgar, and dehumanizing cartoon which activists say dehumanizes latino women, Danbury News Times Reports.



Solidarity picket at the federal courthouse
Monday, September 17th, 8 a.m.
450 Main St., Hartford

The next hearing of the Danbury 11 is on Monday, where they will argue
for a trial on grounds that ICE violated their 14th Amendment rights.
Join us for this next stage of the fight!

On September 19, 2006, eleven day laborers jumped into a van expecting
to go to work on a construction site, but were instead taken straight
to jail. Their driver was not a contractor, but a federal immigration
agent in disguise.

Homeland Security declined to release their names. They were jailed 150
miles from home to impede their defense and streamline their
deportations. Six were shipped to prisons in Texas.

The Danbury 11 joined the nearly 16,000 Latino workers currently being
unjustly held in a system of local and national prisons. Their case
puts U.S. immigration policy on trial.

This raid, like all the other raids being carried out by ICE
(Immigration & Customs Enforcement, arm of Homeland Security) is designed to
induce terror and keep workers from fighting for decent wages and

This protest was initiated by Stop the Raids! Students of Trinity

For more information, contact Randy at or