Thursday, September 20, 2007

Media Coordinator for NumbersUSA studies at the same school as Lou Dobbs.

Apparently, the leaders of NumbersUSA study at the same school of lies that Lou Dobb's graduated from.

In a recent episode of the morning talk show program on KHOW-AM (of Colorado) Talk show host Peter Boyles, and Media Cooridnator for the Anti Immigrant group "NumbersUSA" spun lies and misinformation about the DREAM act.

"Discussing the latest version of the federal DREAM Act on the September 18 broadcast of his 630 KHOW-AM show, Peter Boyles allowed guest Caroline Espinosa -- the media coordinator for the anti-illegal immigration activist group NumbersUSA -- to claim that the legislation would make certain illegal immigrants "instantly non-deportable." Espinosa further falsely claimed that sponsors of the legislation "are not asking anybody to provide proof that they were here ... illegally ... before the age of 16." However, according to Section 3305 (2)(B)(b)(1) of the DREAM Act, the Secretary of Homeland Security "shall terminate the conditional permanent resident status of any alien" who fails to meet the required conditions of their status, including one who "become[s] a public charge" or receives "other than honorable discharge from the uniformed services." In that case, the immigrant's status would revert to illegal, making the immigrant deportable. "- from Colorado Media Matters

While the DREAM act is far from a fair and Comprehensive Immigration Reform Plan, the spin that these two anti immigrants have put upon it, typifies the anti immigrant propaganda campaign. This bears mentioning, because recently the Danbury News Times Comments section has been flooded with spam messages with links to the Numbers USA website, and many a local community member is being misinformed, and misled by such "masters" of political spin as these individuals. Local anti-immigrant groups CTCIC (as demonstrated in its' spring newsletter where NumbersUSA and another well known political spin artist Lou Dobbs are quoted) and USCFILE are big proponants of their brothers from NumbersUSA.

*Note: USCFILE's website is down, but when it is back up, an update to this article with their promotion of NumbersUSA will be added.

*UPDATE: USCFILE's website is back up, and sure enough guess what site they're advertising? USCFILE's Links Page has NumbersUSA as a reccomended site, which again, just goes to prove how far they are willing to go to mislead the public, and even have the NumbersUSA website in the left column links bar, where it reads "Fax your representatives free".

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