Saturday, October 13, 2007

Stop the Raids and Allies Defend Danbury 11, and condemn No-Match Letters.

Stop the Raids, Trinity Students, AFL-CIO, ACLU, amongst other organizations, were in Hartford yesterday announcing on-going support for the Danbury 11, including a Parade to be held in Hartford Monday, Oct 15th at 7:00 AM, which will march to the Hartford District Superior Court Building before the Danbury 11's next trial.

Another reason for the press conference was to condemn the SS work place No Match letters which are a current tactic of ICE to conduct raids and deportations.
The link above is from ICE's own website. To read more information on how this program undermines the rights of workers, and why this program is ineffective, and how it is a great cause of concern for it's possibility of abuse, read more here.

Read about the press conference here

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Join the American Civil Liberties Union, AFL-CIO, Stop the Raids! and
many others as we rally to oppose ICE raids and the ‘No-Match’

FRIDAY: Press conference to announce mass mobilization in defense of
the Danbury 11, 12 noon,
Federal Courthouse, 450 Main St., Hartford; Speak-out at Trinity
College at 4 p.m., Cave Patio, Mather Hall

MONDAY: Mass mobilization in solidarity with the Danbury 11 as they
receive a judge's decision on their request for a trial. 8 a.m., Federal
Courthouse, 450 Main St., Hartford.

We have a unique opportunity in Connecticut to challenge the ICE raids
in open court! Don't miss it!
Unity Statement in Opposition to No-Match Letters and ICE Raids

We, the undersigned, hereby endorse the National Day of Action against
the Bush Administration’s No-Match Program and the raids by
Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) that has been called for Friday,
October 12th by the National Alliance for Immigrant Rights and the March
10th Coalition.

On that day – Friday, October 12th – we will hold a press
conference at noon in front of the federal building in Hartford to call for a
mass mobilization on the following Monday, October 15th at 8 a.m. in
solidarity with the Danbury 11, as they receive the judge’s decision on
their request for a trial. The protest on Monday, like the press
conference on Friday, will take place in front of the federal building in

Also on October 12th, students at Trinity College will hold a speak-out
from 4-5:30 p.m. at Mather Hall/ Cave Patio, 300 Summit St, Hartford.
The speak-out was called by Stop the Raids! Students of Trinity College
to raise support for the Danbury 11 mobilization.

We join with millions of immigrants and allies across the country in
opposing the No-Match Letter Program, which perpetuates a cycle of
discrimination against both immigrant workers and low wage laborers of all
types and is often used as a weapon to target union-organized factories
and workplaces. The ACLU and AFL-CIO have already filed a lawsuit in
response to a government plan to send out no-match letters to millions of
workers, both documented and undocumented.

The trial of the Danbury 11, in effect, puts ICE on trial. The Danbury
11 is a group of Ecuadorian day laborers unconstitutionally arrested in
an illegal sting done as a collaborative effort between the Danbury
police and ICE. The Eleven were moved around the country (some to as far
away as Texas), denied counsel with a lawyer, or contact with their
families. This sets a truly frightening precedent for all U.S. residents,
and we must send a clear message to ICE that respect for both
constitutional and human rights must be observed.

A trial for the Danbury 11 would pose a series of severe legal
questions for ICE:
• Is it legal for ICE to racially profile individuals and arrest them
without a warrant?
• Is it legal for ICE to transport detainees to prisons in Texas for
a civil offense in Connecticut?
• Are the courts permitted to deny bond or right of appeal or right
to appear in court to a person because he or she is suspected of being
• Is it legal for local or state police to enforce federal
immigration law?

A victory here is a victory for workers everywhere. Please support the
rights of all working people and join us for this important occasion.

American Civil Liberties Union of Connecticut
Connecticut AFL-CIO
Connecticut Center for a New Economy
Kurt Westby, CT District Chairman, Service Employees International
Union, Local 32BJ
Art Perry, Political Director, Service Employees International Union,
Local 32BJ
Laura Smith, President, Local 34, FUE UNITE HERE
Marie C. Lausch, President, United Electrical Radio & Machine Workers
of America, Local 222
John Woodruff, Vice-President, UE Local 222 – CILU/CIPU, Danbury
Maria-Cinta Lowe, former director, Hispanic Center of Greater Danbury
Jorge Cabrera, New England Regional Council of Carpenters
Rev. Paul J. Murdock, Sagrado Corazon Church, Willimantic
Jorge Múgica, March 10th Coalition, Chicago
STOP THE RAIDS! Students of Trinity College
United Caribbean Club, Central Connecticut State University
Jeff Crosby, President, North Shore Labor Council (Mass.)
Fatima Rojas, Unidad Latina en Acción, New Haven
Mark Rutkowski, Progressive Students Alliance, Central Connecticut
State University
Stephanie Luce, Associate Professor, Labor Center, University of
David Amdur, Connecticut Program Coordinator American Friends Service
Peter Goselin, coordinator, National Lawyers Guild - Connecticut
Marela Zacarias, Latinos Contra La Guerra, Hartford
Jean Hislop, Campaign to Stop the ICE Raids, Danbury
Youth for Socialist Action, Central Connecticut State University
Stacey Zimmerman, Lead Political/Community Organizer, SEIU CT State
Monica Bunton, organizer, UNITE-HERE Local 217, Hartford

Saturday, October 6, 2007

More fall out from ACCESS program in other cities.

While Danbury continues to study the possibility of implementing the 287g ACCESS program here in Danbury, other cities are beginning to see overwhelmingly negative fallout as a result of the program. This article from the Dallas Morning News reports that immigrants in their community are so terrified by the program, that they are withdrawing their children from schools, many of those same children, are even American Citizens. Likewise, immigrants are now deeply mistrustful of local authorities. Even Legal immigrants are terrified of the effects of this program, many even reluctant to drive their cars to work for fear of being pulled over by the police, based on nothing more but the color of their skin. This article illustrates easily the kind of climate that could pervade danbury were such an ordinance implemented.

Protest write up.

The turn out to Tuesday Nights Protest was wonderful, considering the short time in which the protest was planned. Approximately 30-35 people showed up to the actual protest, and an additional 15-20 went directly inside to the Common Council meeting. Approximately 7 people spoke out against the 287g being implemented in Danbury, while around 4 or 5 spoke in favor of it. The number who spoke in favor, were all members and friends of The anti immigrant groups CTCIC and USCFILE. While the 7 who spoke against the proposal included danbury residents from all walks of life. Interfaith community members, people involved in the Immigrants Rights movements, local political candidates, concerned residents.

In conclusion the proposal was sent to corporate council, where it is to be "Studied further", before a vote is cast.

Outside, spontaneous heated debates were struck between activists for the immigrants rights cause, and many of the racist/xenophobic anti immigrant groups over the issue.

For an update on the decision by city council, please read here.

Friday, October 5, 2007

While you wait.

While we continue to work on the write up of the protest in Danbury on Tuesday Evening, this article is a must read for those involved in Immigrants Rights. It describes the effects of the 287g program on one community that had implemented the program in their city. This is NOT a program you want here in Danbury, or elsewhere in the State. Frankly, it's NOT a program that you should want in this country, at all, as this Article, from the NY Times clearly shows.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Update Coming..

We apologize for not updating since the night of the protest. Things have been very busy, but we will be posting the results from the protest very soon. We would like to thank everyone for coming out to Danbury, the press for covering it, and the Danbury residents who spoke and made it quite clear that the 287g has NO place in Danbury.

We'll be back soon, with the full details!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Just a quick update, the Permit for the protest has been obtained, and we are going foward with our legal protest in front of City Hall on Deer Hill Avenue, in Danbury at 7pm. NOTE: We must remain on the South Lawn of City Hall for this protest, as to not block the flow of traffic into the city hall parking lot. City Hall hosts many meetings and functions in the evening, and we must be sure not to hinder people from coming or going. So... See you tonight!