Saturday, October 6, 2007

Protest write up.

The turn out to Tuesday Nights Protest was wonderful, considering the short time in which the protest was planned. Approximately 30-35 people showed up to the actual protest, and an additional 15-20 went directly inside to the Common Council meeting. Approximately 7 people spoke out against the 287g being implemented in Danbury, while around 4 or 5 spoke in favor of it. The number who spoke in favor, were all members and friends of The anti immigrant groups CTCIC and USCFILE. While the 7 who spoke against the proposal included danbury residents from all walks of life. Interfaith community members, people involved in the Immigrants Rights movements, local political candidates, concerned residents.

In conclusion the proposal was sent to corporate council, where it is to be "Studied further", before a vote is cast.

Outside, spontaneous heated debates were struck between activists for the immigrants rights cause, and many of the racist/xenophobic anti immigrant groups over the issue.

For an update on the decision by city council, please read here.

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