Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Danbury 11 files suit agains the City of Danbury!

With the help of Yale Law Schools legal Clinic, members of the Danbury 11 are filing a law suit against the City of Danbury for what appears to be Violations of their Civil Rights committed at the time of their arrest on 9/19 of 2006.

Despite Mayor Mark Boughton's assertions that neither he, or the local police had any involvement in the immigration sting which was conducted that day at Kennedy Park in which 11 Ecuadorian Day Laborers were lured into a van by authorities, disguised as contractors, and then arrested on alleged immigration violations, new documents have come to light through an FOI filed by the students at Yale Law, which contradict the Mayor's earlier statements. These documents assert that the Van which was used in the Sting was actually driven by a local police officer, NOT an Ice Agent, amongst other issues, prompting the question "What jurisdiction did a Local Police officer have to make that warrantless arrest?". And if this warrantless arrest was sanctioned and/or encouraged by the towns Mayor, then why did he deny the local police involvement with the sting?

Yale Law Students, today, held a Press Conference where they discussed these questions.

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And there is sure to be more to come.

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