Saturday, August 25, 2007

Labor Shortage disproves the statement "They're takin' yer jobs!".

Since the federal crackdowns on undocumented immigrants started reaching the boiling point here in the US, farmers have been complaining, around the country, that they can no longer find enough workers to pick their crops, and that crops are rotting in the fields because of it. They have warned us for a long time, that the loss of migrant workers would result in crop loss, and thus, in the long run, higher prices for all of our meat and produce at the markets. This article from Yahoo points to new evidence that the statement which claims Immigrants are "stealing our jobs" and creating a job shortage in America, for American Workers is a bald faced lie. In fact, there is no job shortage, there is a shortage of laborers to FILL those jobs. Not just in the agricultural sector, but spanning various markets including construction, landscaping, food prep, telemarketing, and more.

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