Friday, December 14, 2007

Warning-STRONG LANGUAGE (Strong Point).

While I usually do not frequent sites having any tags related to Goth, Emo, or other distressed lifestyles, this blog entry from a blogger called "Suicide Girlz" came across in my Google News Alerts today, and provided a much needed tone of sanity to the immigration debate, despite the "insanity" of the Blog's Title. I would caution you that the language used on this site, and in the post, is rather harsh, and indeed, vulgarity laced, but the point is well worth the read. Scrape off the rough layers of anger, and look at the quotes, keeping in mind as you do so the so-called "Staggering" 4 million dollar in one quarter "medical bill" attributed to "Illegal Immigrants" purportedly "leaked" by an insider at the hospital to WTNH news in CT.

Studies are continually showing that Undocumented Immigrants pay far more into our system in taxes, than they ever wind up utilizing in way of Health Benefits, or any other benefit.

So, in light of what the statistics, and experts say, regarding the "Staggering" costs of Immigrants to our healthcare system, and how very underwhelming those costs are, especially in comparison with the amount of financial (tax) wealth immigrants pour into our system year by year, this, (amongst many other reasons) poses a serious question about the legitimacy of the so-called "Official Record" from the Danbury Hospital, in general.

As a side note, having been thrown under the bus by a severe case of Pneumonia, complicated by atsma, last week, I wound up in the Emergency room at Danbury Hospital twice. And found myself searching the emergency room for even one Immigrant family or patient. I found not one.

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