Monday, December 10, 2007

Numbers USA and FAIR created by white Supremacists?

Well, looks like one only needs to follow the trail a little bit, to find the very prevalent roots of groups such as F.A.I.R and NUMBERS USA in the White Supremacist Movement. As if we ever had any doubt.

Those who read and participate in such groups are usually the ones hanging out on the Danbury News Times Live messageboard linked to Topix, and can also be found hanging out at the American Legion on Wednesday Nights here in good old Danbury (*Cough* CTCIC, USCFILE). And are masters of quoting the supposed "Facts" of the immigration issue. Having had runins with members of these groups, and who are rabid fans of FAIR and of NUMBERS USA, I have to say that it doesn't surprise me that they are circulating erroneous information, or even that they have links to White Supremacy Groups.


The mothership of hate is U.S., Inc., an organization created by Tanton that simultaneously funds lobbyists, researchers and media who promote racist views while accepting funding from eugenics, neo-Nazis and wealthy ultraconservatives with a penchant for white supremacy. A former ophthalmologist, Tanton, to borrow a Biblical reference, appears to have a log in his own eye regarding immigrants, especially brown-colored ones.

Tanton made his mark in the 1970s when he chaired the Sierra Club’s National Population Committee, among other leadership positions in mainstream environmental and family planning causes. When his colleagues rejected his extreme ideas, he took a hard right turn toward unabashed anti-immigration with a virulently racist tone.

Chief among the groups Tanton has founded or funded are: NumbersUSA, the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) and the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS). All of them are regularly cited in media accounts as valid sources of information on immigration.

Point to this post is, as usual, Don't believe the hype. Not one word that these hate groups circulate, anyway.

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