Friday, July 13, 2007

Swift Plants Raided Again.

Many of you may recall the Stop the Raids forum held on 2/25/07 at Western Connecticut State University. The Stop the Raids campaign hosted two workers from the Swift & Co Meatpacking plant in Hyrum, Utah, one of the sites which was then part of one of the largest ICE raids in history, involving simultaneous raids, at multiple plants, all owned by Swift & Co Meatpacking. These two workers told a story of absolute horror, in which parents were taken from their jobs, leaving behind children who were in school, in the hands of daycare workers, and babysitters, with no idea where there parents were, or why they hadn't come to pick them up and bring them home that day. Their story was heart rending. A month or so later, the same sort of event happened in a Leather Factory in New Bedford, MA, and captured national attention yet again, this time, with the horror stories including those of Mothers being hauled off to deportation centers, while their nursing babies were left in the hands of husbands and other families, and then were rushed to the Emergency Room for Dehydration just shortly after, due to their lack of their mothers milk.

Today, The Houston Chronicle reports that Swift & Co was raided yet again, in multiple locations. This time, 20 workers were the Victims of ICE's strong arm tactics.

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