Sunday, July 29, 2007

2/3 of New Jerseyans believe Immigrants should have Shot at Citizenship.

From NJ.Com

New poll: Give citizenship to illegals
A new poll released today says about two-thirds of New Jerseyans think illegal immigrants who have lived and worked in this country for at least two years deserve a shot at U.S. citizenship.

About 30 percent of those surveyed say illegal immigrants should be deported, according to the survey by Monmouth University/Gannett New Jersey, the Associated Press reported.

Along the same lines, about a third said illegal immigrants take jobs from Americans, while about 60 percent of respondents said illegal immigrants take only jobs Americans don't want.

About 75 percent of those surveyed said illegal immigration was a serious problem for New Jersey, and nearly 90 percent said it was a serious problem for the United States, the poll found.

The findings were similar to a national poll taken in May by CBS News and the New York Times.

NJ is only two short skips away from CT..and why do I post this? Because I am sure that the anti immigrant whack cases (the type of which leave obscene, bitter comments in this blog, which are deleted, for instance), are NOT representative of the true feelings of MOST Americans, and MOST Nutmeggers, or MOST Danburians. They're a small but noisy group of embittered individuals, who just happen to use the most toxic language, and rhetoric in hopes of creating mistrust, fear, and hatred.

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