Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hello, and Welcome.

Since we have faced a fair amount of difficulty managing our main website, we decided that a blog would be the best way to keep people abreast of what Stop the Raids is currently doing, in Danbury, and Statewide.

Since our forum in February, Stop the Raids has since been involved in many community building, informative events throughout the state of connecticut, as well as multiple protest marches. Notably the May Day March of 2007, as well as the March in New Haven to protest the ICE raids there, in June. We hope to eventually post links to articles with photos of those events.

We have also held small scale demonstrations to protest various anti immigrant activities in Danbury, notably the protest outside Western Connecticut State University in response to an Anti Immigrant Forum held there.

Stop the Raids members are very active in many other Community organizations and activist groups. Members are found within Interfaith Community's, Church organizations, and activist organizations for social justice issues. We attend numerous protest marches for other social justice issues, (such as the anti war demonstrations in Washington DC this spring)conferences on the topic of Immigration, and grassroots organizing (such as the Women on the Frontline Conference), and forums regarding the topic of immigration. We are currently planning upcoming events, and actions which will educate, enlighten, and inspire the public regarding the topic of immigration from a pro immigrant stance. Please stay tuned, as we add information to this site.

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